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Considering going to a Domain Purge event? WHY should you? Learn what to expect, our Code of Conduct, and hear from past attendees.

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A thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem can be developed -How do you connect developers, students, skilled professionals, and entrepreneurs with resources and experts to grow?

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We build up skills and connections between the people that make your city great.

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Lisa Stahl

I don’t like defined roles but I make it so.
I will focus on experience design, project management, and finding the best places to eat in each new city we visit.

JC Holmes

He will talk you into giving us money
JC is a serial entrepreneur with companies in Fashion, FinTech, and Drawing from humble Alton, MO JC is a good-ol-boy who can connect with anyone… and probably sell something.

Collin Bunch

Alphabetically first
Collin has worked with startups founders and developing entrepreneurial ecosystems for Small Business Development Centers and Economic Development in Missouri.

David Frahm

He stops us from doing dumb things
David has been part of several successful startups and truly understands that building anything starts with customer development. He has a passion for developing entrepreneurial ecosystems and is the best figure-skater on our team.

Matt Murrie

Global Citizen
Author of The Book of What if…? Matt speaks several languages and regularly travels the globe to talk human innovation systems.

Bandhana Katoch

Legal & International Guru
Bandhana is a master professional with Master’s degrees in Science, Business, and Law she also leads with her heart having started several social ventures and holds everyone to the highest standards.

Sean Lander

Lead Game Developer – Making sure things don’t suck!
Sean has started multiple ventures and currently runs a Game Lab at MU. His background in online game design and love of techy-fun ensure we make something fun to play. Sean may have originated from a “Tron-style” 80’s game and became sentient in the 90’s.

Kyle Finkenstaedt

Running the Show. Chief Student
Kyle is new to his entrepreneurial journey and thus contains an unbridled optimism and energy that is essential for everything we do. He works directly with entrepreneurial ecosystems to develop the right program & partners.

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