January 27, 2018

Host Domain Purge

Why host Domain Purge?

  • Draw out developers, skilled professionals, students and entrepreneurial talent
  • Position you and your partners as drivers of entrepreneurship in your community
  • Develop a culture of collaboration through specific action
  • New Firm establishment
  • Positive Feedback Loop of Entrepreneurial Activity (it builds on itself)
  • Bring software assets, expertise, and networks of influencers to your community

Talk with us about bringing Domain Purge to your City

What do we need from you to get started?

  • 3 strategic local partners (Economic Development, SBDC, Investment group, etc) 
  • $2,500 upfront license (This will cover travel and go towards local teams)
  • Location sponsor for event (needs rocking wifi and space for ~ 50)
  • Your expected outcomes for event series

How does Domain Purge make money?

20% Domain Purge
40% Event Cost
40% to Entrepreneur Support

  • Allocations of funds to completed projects for further development
  • Follow up prize money based on momentum & milestones
  • Funding to support local entrepreneurial support organizations

Event Promotion
The Domain Purge is designed as a 3 part series for local communities. We found the simplicity of the model makes it the same work to run 3 events as 1 and it builds a momentum and culture. 

  • 1st Event
    We typically focus on spinning up an event somewhat organically and holding it within a month to get things started. The sprint for the first event helps set the tone and also connects with early adopters within each sector. Reach out to the student and other groups who might be more willing to jump into an event and build on oddball domains.
  • 2nd Event
    After the success (fun and outcomes) of the first event, more devs and local entrepreneurs will be interested and advocates of the first event will bring more people. Look for more established sponsors or partners and make a big push online. Establish the process and culture of your community.
  • 3rd Event
    By now you’ve tapped into the right talent and also had most of the “tire-kickers” through and have a solid group who gets the flow of the event. This coupled with adaptations for your local culture should make this a prime event for new business formation.

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